Transit Rail

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St. Paul, MN


PCL (GC), MetroTransit (Owner)


Light Rail Transit O&M

Project Description

Operations and Maintenance Facility

Project Scope

3,000 TF of direct fixation, 2,000 TF of ballasted track, 11 TO’s, 1 double crossover

Unique Features

  • The double crossover we installed used a method referred to as “top-down” construction, where we placed it at the correct height and longitudinal placement, and everything else was built around it
  • Pre-curved rail is always interesting to work with, and this project was no exception
  • Special order concrete crossings to accommodate restraining rail
  • Friction modifier installed to alleviate wear on the tight curve in the yard
  • The tolerance for the track was to have the rail be within an 1/8” of the plans