Safety plays a critical role at R&R Contracting.  

Our continued success and award of contracts is dependent on the safety record that R&R maintains and improves. R&R's goal is to train and supervise employees so that safety becomes natural, and everyone can go home at the end of the day the way they showed up at the beginning.

R&R Contracting subscribes to ISNetworld, PICS, and other nationally recognized safety organizations and is dedicated to the safe completion of all of our projects.  Our employees are regularly screened for illegal drugs and alcohol as well as trained in the proper CPR and emergency service techniques necessary to provide a safe working environment for all employees.  

Employees are also trained, monitored, and evaluated for programs related to Class 1 railroads allowing them to work in high-risk zones. Each day on the jobsite begins with kinesthetic exercises to ensure all employees are alert and in the proper physical condition to begin the workday.

  • In January of 2015, R&R Contracting was awarded the Gold level safety award from the NRC at the annual convention.
  • In February of 2014, R&R Contracting received the North Dakota Safety Council safety award, presented to companies who have shown a 50% decrease in their OSHA incidence rate from the previous year.
  • In January of 2014, R&R Contracting was awarded a tier III contractor safety award from the NRC.