Rail Planning, Design & Construction

Design - Committed to offering a formidable one stop shop, R&R Contracting, Inc. retains an in-house Engineering department with over fifty years of combined experience eliminating the pains associated with the transition from Engineer to Contractor.

R&R Contracting, Inc. understands that there is typically more to your project than simply trackwork design and construction.  R&R has the capability to handle design and construction services of all aspects of your projects.  In-house design of the site development and heavy civil disciplines of your project are handled by our experienced designers and engineers while construction is completed by our Civil division.  Specialized equipment outfitted with state of the art GPS capability and highly experienced operators allow R&R Contracting, Inc. to support your project in its civil as well as track needs.

When you factor in R&R’s excellent rapport with Class 1 railroads, Departments of Transportation and State and County Offices, you can have peace of mind knowing that they can fast track railroad responses.

Construction - R&R Contracting, Inc. is dedicated to the safe and on-time completion of all of our projects regardless of size.  Our experienced staff and specialized equipment allow exceptional production rates while at the same time maintaining a safe work environment of everyone in and around the facility.